Wayne Chalk

As General Manager for Inventory and Valuation, Wayne Chalk provides expert services for pubs, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, care homes and other hospitality operations.

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Tel: 01679 620 835



Company: Venners Ltd

The services of a qualified inventory specialist is vital when buying or selling, meeting recognised accounting standards, making an insurance claim or transferring ownership. Venners have a wealth of experience in all aspects of asset register management and valuation. Our expertise is applicable to every type of hospitality operation, specialising in providing valuation advice and offering up-to-date asset and inventory lists of all furniture, fittings and effects.

With Venners, you can be sure to receive a quick and helpful service that delivers a full inventory list, to deadline, in a convenient format. Our valuers are flexible to your needs, fully independent and transparent, so you can be assured that there is no conflict of interest surrounding your valuations. During the sales process, we can provide our service to the vendor only, the purchaser only, or to both parties, as you require.

Our valuers provide specialist walk round valuations for various financial institutions as they may show value of the inventory against the valuation of the property.

Our General Manager for Inventory and Valuation, Wayne Chalk is an expert on valuations and serves on the Association of Valuers of Licensed Property (AVLP) panel of independent valuers, a team set up to intervene should there be a dispute between two valuers who cannot agree a valuation.